Bespoke, Made to Measure, Custom Made, Su Misura


Bespoke suit means a suit that has “been spoken for”. In bespoke one tailor creates a suit for one person from scratch to final product. This usually takes multiple fittings as the pattern is drafted directly on the person. Bespoke is mostly hand sewn using high quality construction. All in all-nothing will fit you better than bespoke as everything is accounted for; it is an art which arises from Savile Row (UK) and is the most traditional way a suit is made.

Made to Measure

Made to Measure is more reasonably priced younger brother of bespoke.  It takes aspects of the bespoke procedure and combines it with a traditional factory system to create a more inexpensive option which still allows the client to achieve a great fit while also having control over the cloth and aspects of the design process. Made to measure is based on pre-set patterns and its cutting is automated, so it may still fit like an off the rack suit. In this process pre-set pattern is scaled up or down based on client’s measurements. This process is machine operated so mass orders can be taken.

Custom Made

Custom made is a very magnanimous term that is used to illustrate anything that has been tweaked to fit you according to your measurements and style options. When we use the term ‘su misura’ or custom made, it can mean a variety of stuff or a combination of methods.

What’s UOMO ATTIRE is offering

UOMO ATTIRE is giving you all of the above kinds of tailoring according to your will. Obtain suits that are bespoke quality is possible due to much overlap as technology, and globalization have evened the playing field. We offer you hand crafted garment made of high quality construction. From the hands of highly experienced team who work hard to satisfy every customer either he want made to measure or custom made suit. Visit our store or online to get the best you want.