Important Guide For Khussa Lovers

One of the well-known footwear of Subcontinent is called ’Khussa’ or ‘Mojari’. Khussa trend barely ever goes out as it is one of those traditional stuff which are unaffected by fashion trends in Pakistan. It is predominantly made and worn in Pakistan and India. Though, Pakistan is renowned for making the finest khusa. Khusas that are sewn by artisan have been highly valued because of its fine quality of stitching. This is endorsed to our method of producing high quality leather as well as superior stitching by hand.

This is a skill which has been handed down to generations. It varies in designs and colors. It contains cultural diversity, local ethos and ethnicity.

Khusas are made in different parts of our country with different verities. Waziraabadi khussa whose upper part is created skillfully out of cut-work, its delicate patterns create a filigree effect. Shurkrpuri khussa is embellished with white tilla (metallic thread) on mostly red, black or skin-colored leather. But it is said that khusas of Multan are most beautiful plus best made. It is a city where khussa trend was initiated, which offers un-matched exquisiteness with class.

They are embellished with fine tilla work (gold thread embroidery), sequins (sitara) and beads (moti) work.

Khusas are very famous in wedding functions as it can be selected according to the color of a dress. Especially girls and boys like to wear khussa on mehndi or barat function. We see mostly grooms while wearing sherwani on wedding day, Khussa is their preferable choice to wear with the attire as they both compliments each other as well as give ideal royal stare to the groom. Many grooms choose completely matched khussa with sherwani that is mostly made of stones and beads. They also like tilla’s khussa.

At Uomo Attire khussa can be made for customized order in which you can even specify your own design. For groom’s wedding outfit you also have a wide choice of other fabric like cotton, velvet, jamawar instead of traditional leather. As they are handcrafted by our experienced craftsmen so it can also be made same as your outfit’s fabric and embellishments. Have a look at some of our customized saleem shahi and other verity of khusas with unique embellishment of stones, beads, tilla work.