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Bespoke Suits in California FAQs

A bespoke suit is made to your exact measurements and specifications, while a custom suit is made to a pre-existing pattern that is then altered to fit you. Bespoke suits are typically more expensive than custom suits, but they also offer a more personalized fit and finish.

There are many benefits to getting a bespoke or custom suit, including:

  • A better fit: Bespoke and custom suits are made to your exact measurements, so they will fit you better than a ready-to-wear suit.
  • More choices: When you get a bespoke or custom suit, you have more choices in terms of fabric, style, and details.
  • Higher quality: Bespoke and custom suits are typically made with higher quality materials and construction than ready-to-wear suits.
  • A unique look: Bespoke and custom suits are made just for you, so they will be truly unique.

The cost of a bespoke or custom suit will vary depending on the tailor, the materials used, and the complexity of the design. However, you can expect to pay at least $400 for a bespoke or custom suit.

Ordering Bespoke and Custom Suits online from Uomo Attire in USA is really easy. Place your order on the website. If you want custom measurements, select a custom size via video call. After we receive your order notification we will get back to you and schedule a video call and take your custom measurements over the video call and we make sure your suit will fit perfectly.