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  1. Luxurious black customized Sherwani
    As low as PKR120,000.00
  2. Luxurious short customized Sherwani in organza embroidered fabric
    As low as PKR90,000.00
  3. Gown style short Sherwani with micro embellishements
    As low as PKR145,000.00
  4. Plain customized tropical sherwani with classy embellishment
    As low as PKR89,000.00
  5. Golden sherwani pack with latest embroidered work
    As low as PKR118,500.00
  6. Black Sherwani with antique gold embellishment
    As low as PKR88,000.00
  7. Dark blue embroidered sherwani with micro embellishment
    As low as PKR115,000.00
  8. Embroidered and embellished sherwani for wedding
    As low as PKR98,000.00
  9. Kundan zari Sherwani with embroidered and embellishment
    As low as PKR88,000.00
  10. Black Sherwani with crossed micro embellishment
    As low as PKR86,000.00
  11. Black Sherwani modest and arrogant
    As low as PKR90,000.00
  12. Antique golden sherwani fully embellishment
    As low as PKR175,000.00
  13. Textured soft karandi with micro embellishments Sherwani
    As low as PKR89,000.00
  14. Self textured jamawar sherwani with micro embellishment
    As low as PKR80,000.00
  15. Jamawar sherwani with classic embellishment and embroidery
    As low as PKR78,000.00
  16. soft pure karandi customized Sherwani
    As low as PKR85,000.00
  17. Fully adorned with stones embroidered customized Sherwani
    As low as PKR86,000.00
  18. Black tissue embroidered customized black sherwani
    As low as PKR90,000.00
  19. Luxurious Golden Sherwani with unique embroidery work
    As low as PKR80,000.00
  20. Blue Sherwani with Copper Gold Embellishment
    As low as PKR72,000.00
  21. Off White Rao Silk Sherwani with Full Embellishment
    As low as PKR130,000.00
  22. Mughal style in black rao silk customized Sherwani
    As low as PKR105,000.00
  23. Light grey embroidered sherwani with silver embellishments
    As low as PKR80,000.00
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Unique style latest designer sherwani for men at groom events. Collection of Sherwani design for groom as per customer requirements

Wedding talks!! Sherwani design for groom. First thing that strikes our mind is bride’s lehnga and groom’s sherwaniSherwanis have become the most preferred attire for festivals like weddings and evening parties. For Pakistani men, it is an obvious choice for their wedding event as it is tremendously elegant and remarkably beautiful. Royal, rich, elegant, classy are words that best describe Sherwani suits. They have much enhanced fitting than kurta, which is designed to show off the contours of chest muscles. It is an outfit that is unfeasible to look bad in since it is designed to bring out the best side of any man who wears it.

Uomo Attire is having unlimited choices for you in sherwani selection. Let’s have a look! Check Collection of  Sherwani design for groom


The innovative or classic sherwani is an ever green style that has gone through the test of time. This type of sherwani is available in all fabrics and colors. From most expensive verities like brocade, velvet, silk, satin to  more affordable items like cotton silk, jamawar, polyester versions of fabric. Mostly grooms prefer classic style. Sherwani design for groom

Both the above sherwanis reflects pure Pakistani craftsmanship with traditional designs. One in the off-white color is with unique embellishment. It is having prominent embroidery on sleeves with golden zari and cut dana along with exquisite hint of red stones gives this outfit a perfect royal look. It is paired with handcrafted saleem shahi khussa with the same embellishment as on sherwani and a contrasted red turban.

Sherwani design for groom

Second one in is pure jamawar, self gold texture with tilla work  on collar and sleeves that is still light weight, but gives heavy royal persona. With hand knitted embellished khussa of same jamawar fabric, contrasted turban takes the dignity and prestige of a groom to the next level.


Modern sherwani is the best available option if you want to look bold and feel contemporary. It is available in variety of colors and designs, the style go beyond the conservative limits. Sherwani design for groom

That time goes when people feel awful to wear black color on their wedding. Now grooms who want to stand out in crowd select something exclusive. The above black pure jamawar sherwani paired with same embellished saleem shahi and turban is the perfect combo of boldness and fascination. Other allure blue attire in tropical fabric is for that groom who really wants to get prince charming look at his special occasion. Rust gold handcrafted tilla work on collar plus sleeves with an exquisite embroidered patch on pocket place makes this attire a special one.


Angrakha style sherwani has an atypical yet unique cut on its front. Its front slit is not straight but bends on right side at the top area. This different styled outfit makes groom’s upper body look more masculine. Sherwani design for groom

Look at this customized angrkha style sherwani from uomo attire. Can’t get eyes out of it! Ivory colored self textured pure jamawar angrkha with hand embroidered red and gold cut dana work, gives us major royal feeling. Sherwani design for groom

So what are you waiting for visit our website or join us our face book page and make your own style on your special event with the help of our highly experienced craftsmen who are specialized in customized sherwani making, paired with handcrafted saleem shahi khussa with same embellishment and contrasted turban. Visit Now Latest Groom Sherwani Design For Men With Unique Style