In Pakistan today’s generation men still want to go traditional at their weddings, opting for elaborate sherwanis and regional ethnic ensembles. In which turban (pagdi) is as important for them as it offers a groom an opportunity to be creative from the top. Turban with their wedding outfit – think of it as a male equivalent of a bride’s matha patti or jhoomer. A stylish pagdi takes a groom’s style quotient a few notches above, mainly when it is festooned with an eye-catching Sarpech or kalghi or brooch (turban adornments).

And if you think that from a distance all safas looks same than think again! Here, we present you some different turban styles that will give a groom that imperial edge on his big day.


Rajasthani pagdis are very artistic and full of heavy embellishments. It is made by twisting a safa and can be very intricate. Groom can choose the size and ornaments for their turban according to their wedding or valima reception attire.


Tissue pagdis are very popular nowadays and looks very elegant as well as traditional at the same time. They are lightweight and comfy. They are best for any groom who does not want an over-the-top turban. It just gets blends with the entire outfit.


Banarasi paghs are twisting on one side and layering on the other. The overlapping on the front of turban is what makes this stylish paghdi stand out. For grooms who want to wear suits instead on traditional attire for their wedding, this will go well for them. Banarsi turban usually worn without tail, but in modern era it can be customized as preference.


Marwari pagdis are very colorful as they are usually made in bandhej (tie-and-die) style. Mostly groom or their friends wear this kind of pagh on mehndi function due to its colorful nature. They generally prefer not to accessorize it, but to make this turban with clothes that have unique patterns on them.


This turban is very small in size without tail. It seems like a beanie, but on tall groom it looks very stylish. This is different from other turban as it has thin layers that are made meticulously. That’s why grooms are having plenty of choices to decorate Mewari pagh.


Although in old times peshwa turbans or topis were worn by raja maharajas of subcontinent, but it’s getting more popular after wearing by ranveer singh in ‘baji rao mastani’ (movie).Grooms are wearing similar headgear on their special occasion after taking inspiration from Ranveer Singh’s outfits. This style only works best when you wear it with equally regal attire.


Jodhpuri turban is like a basic pagdi, but with a steeper incline on its top. It looks immense with a wedding sherwani. For short heighted grooms, it is also a cheat code to look taller. To look taller, if girls can wear heels, boys can also wear Jodhpuri pagdi for the similar motive! Uomo Attire is having all kinds of turbans for their clients to choose and wear on their special occasion. Sharing some of them here https://uomoattire.com/view-more/turbans.html