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Double Breasted Suits

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Double Breasted Suits

Create your very own personalized bold statement with our custom-made, tailored-to-fit range of double-breasted suits for men. Our double-breasted suits not only draw the right attention to your shoulders and physique. But will also add a more formal touch to your attire than a single-breasted suit.

Double Breasted Suit Men

For many years, double breasted suits have been a mainstay of men's fashion, and for good reason. They are frequently chosen for formal events and business meetings because of their air of sophistication and self-assurance. But it can be difficult to find the ideal double breasted suit for you with so many options available. We'll go over the various designs, materials, and features to think about when selecting a double breasted suit that will set you apart from the crowd in this article.

Style: Classic, Slim or Modern

The style you want is the first choice to be made when selecting a double breasted suit. The traditional look has been popular for a while and is distinguished by a wider lapel, a looser fit, and a lower button position. A slim double breasted suit, on the other hand, has a more tailored fit, a higher button stance, and a narrower lapel. The modern double breasted suit is the way to go if you want to appear more modern. The slimmer cut, higher button stance, and narrower lapel of this design give it a sleek, contemporary look. 

Material: Wool, Cotton, or Linen

Your double breasted suit's material is just as crucial as its design. The most common material is wool because it is breathable, cosy, and long-lasting. It is suitable for different seasons and has a range of weights. Another preferred material, especially for summer events due to its light weight and breathability, is cotton. Given its light weight and distinctive texture, linen is another choice for the summer. But because it easily wrinkles, it might not be the best option for formal occasions.

Fit: Tailored or Off-the-rack

You have two options when it comes to fit: tailored or off-the-rack. A tailored suit is made specifically for you based on your measurements, guaranteeing a perfect fit. On the other hand, off-the-rack suits are produced in standard sizes and may need to be altered to achieve the ideal fit. A tailored suit generally costs more, but if you want a suit that fits perfectly and will last for years, it's an investment you shouldn't skimp on.

Color: Classic, Bold or Neutral

Your overall appearance can be significantly impacted by the colour of your double breasted suit. Any occasion can benefit from the timeless and adaptability of traditional colours like navy, black, and charcoal. Bold hues like forest green or burgundy can make a statement and give your outfit some personality. Summer events or outdoor weddings can benefit greatly from neutral hues like beige or light grey.