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Custom Lapel Pins

Looking for a unique and affordable way to promote your brand or commemorate a special occasion? A custom lapel pin could be the perfect solution. In this article, we'll explore the many advantages of custom lapel pins and provide some tips for designing and ordering them.

What Are Custom Lapel Pins?

Lapel pins are small, ornamental accessories worn on clothing, often on the lapel of a jacket or suit. They can be used for different purposes, including:

  • To promote a business, organization, or cause
  • Commemorating a special event, such as a wedding or anniversary
  • Recognition of achievement or membership in a group or club
  • Identifying individuals in professional settings, such as sales or customer service representatives.

Custom lapel pins are simply lapel pins that are designed specifically for a particular purpose or brand. They can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, enamel, and plastic, and can be customized with a logo, photo, or message.

Why Choose Custom Lapel Pins?

Custom lapel pins offer several advantages over other types of promotional or commemorative items. Here are a few:


Lapel pins can be used in a wide range of settings and for a variety of purposes. They can be worn on clothing, displayed on bulletin boards or in shadow boxes, or given as gifts. They can be plain or ornate, classic or modern depending on your needs and preferences.


Custom lapel pins are a cost-effective way to promote your brand or commemorate an event. They can be ordered in smaller quantities, making them ideal for small businesses, clubs and organizations.


Lapel pins are designed to be durable. They can withstand wear and tear, and can be made from materials that are resistant to corrosion and fading.


Lapel pins can become collectors' items, especially if they are designed with a unique or appealing design. Collectors may be willing to pay a premium for rare or difficult-to-find pins, making them a valuable asset to your brand or organization.

How to Design Custom Lapel Pins

Designing custom lapel pins is easy with the help of a professional manufacturer. Here are a few points to keep in mind when creating your design:

Choose the Right Material

The material you choose for your lapel pin will affect its durability, appearance, and value. Metal pins are the most popular choice, but they can also be made of enamel, plastic, or other materials.

Select a Design

The design of your lapel pin should be eye-catching and memorable, while also reflecting your brand or event. Consider using your own logo or a unique image that represents your brand or cause.

Choose Colors

Colors can make your lapel pin stand out and help get your message across. Consider using your brand colors or selecting colors that complement your design.

Decide on Size and Shape

Lapel pins can be made in different sizes and shapes, from small and simple to large and complex. Consider the purpose of your pin when choosing the size and shape.

Add Text or Message

You can customize your lapel pin with a message or text representing your brand or event. Keep it short and easy for maximum impact.

How to Order Custom Lapel Pins

Ordering custom lapel pins is a simple process. Here are basic steps:

  • Choose a Manufacturer: Look for a manufacturer that specializes in custom lapel pins and has a good reputation.
  • Choose your own design: Work with the manufacturer to create a design that meets your needs and preferences.
  • Select content: Select the content you want for yourself.